Food First Aid Kit, must have accessory for the holiday season or always

Yesterday, we sent out our Holiday Helper Newsletter. We covered holiday parties (and strategic pre-gaming), family time/relatives (think omega 3 foods all day long) and holiday travel (see Food First Aid Kit above). After doling out what I thought was good, fun advice,  my first client of the day said “the holidays aren’t really a thing for me”, hmn noted.

After contemplating and dismissing that our info was cliche’,  I concluded that even if the holidays aren’t your thing (they’re not really my thing) December is generally busy. My calendar has reached that too-full point and it’s not parties and “events” that are filling it. It’s work and kid stuff (my son thankfully said,  “mom, you don’t need to come to the holiday concert at school, I only mouth the words anyway) and tipping the doormen. I’m not looking for sympathy, it’s just that cooking and planning and the things I like to use my extra time for are cut down. Can you relate? I bet my client from yesterday cannot. And by the way she has two trips planned this month….

For work, we’re knee deep in January and our “Whipping Weeks”. I’m trying my best not to race through this month but to enjoy some Christmas music, the pretty city etc. But if you’re looking for a January jumpstart, we have recipes and secret weapons are a great food plan in store, email for whipping info. Cheers.
Are the holidays “a thing” for you? Is December busy as hell? Do you like Christmas music?


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