A month ago, I sat in Vermont looked out the window at the mountains and the trees and typed a highly motivated post about resolutions. I was away from the city and had time to think about the New Year ahead. My advice was to make a list of resolutions and review the list on the 1st of every month. So here we are, one month into the New Year. How are you doing with your changes?

For me, it’s a little ironic that running the 2010 Chicago Marathon was the first item on my list. It so happens that the sign up for the race was this morning. At 6am I went to the website and its official, I am registered for the race on 10/10/10. I am  running with a few friends and if you’re interested, we’d love the company. Reading for pleasure was another resolution of mine. I have a book club meeting tomorrow night (my first book club meeting) and though I have 100 pages left in The Help, it feels good to have that on my agenda. It’s sad to say but the only way to make it happen was to put it on my agenda.

Before you think I’m doing too well with my resolution list and stop reading, I’ll tell you about yoga. I joined Pure Yoga over the summer. I had heard it was this beautiful studio with every kind of yoga imaginable. I told my husband I had joined and he said “but you don’t do yoga!” At the time I dismissed his comment with my own “well I do now”, as if it were that easy. I have been to 4 yoga classes this month. The only part of my body that gets a workout is my neck because I turn it around at odd angles, at all times to see what these yogis are doing. It is a little frustrating and I was tempted to quit. Then, last week I took a hot yoga class with a patient instructor. I was still a long way from keeping up but I liked it. I’m going again this week and will let you know how it goes.

And other items have been neglected this month. I haven’t been to the Farmers market, neither a new one (as per goal) nor my local one, not once. I could say it has been cold (and it has) but if I can run and ski in this weather, I should be able to shop. And patience, did I really put that on the list? I had massive food poisoning this weekend and my 7 year old wanted help with his “important diorama”. Do I need to tell you how that resolution is going?

What’s on your resolution list? You can use that word after January, it’s ok. Where is your motivation at? Any advice on yoga or patience?


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