We all have a friend or know someone who eats whatever they want to and never gains weight.  In fact, many of my clients are tormented by their spouses or coworkers who appear to always say, “yes please” and remain thin. Skinny bitches without even trying. Where is the justice? After years of trying to make sense of these metabolic freaks I have come to a few conclusions.
First, and I know this may not matter when your focus is your skinny jeans, we all have arteries. Your husband who has dessert every day and sister who warmly receives and enjoys the breadbasket still have insides. Rest assured that unlimited butter or sugar or booze has side effects even if you cant see them, even if they’re undetectable for years. I sometimes worry about the “naturally skinny” people because our weight-obsessed society (hand raised, I have a role in this fat focus) tells them they can eat anything. I watched a provocative (thought not as provocative as the BDSM show) episode of Lisa Ling’s Our America in which she profiled families with obese children. In one family, it was the 100-pound four year old wearing a ventilator to bed for his sleep apnea that made the mother change the family diet. His three slender siblings should thank him for that. If all the kids were normal weight the Dorito diet would endure.
Second, not everyone who appears to eat whatever they want eats whatever they want all the time. I remember a friend of my mother’s growing up who would come to dinner on the weekend. This lean, stylish woman would out eat everyone.  When I mentioned this to my mother she said, “she doesn’t eat like that all week.” Some people have a system where they hold back certain days so that they can let go on others. And frankly some people just want it to appear that they don’t have to watch their weight as if there’s something wrong with being careful.
And Sarah Jessica…adorable, smart, lean and as if that doesn’t make her enviable enough she seemed to be an eat everything/not get fat gal and she’s not even French. Over the years, I’ve noted mentions of dinner party menus and favorite foods and there was never anything remotely healthy in her recaps. Meat, potatoes, cheese you name it and yet she never stuck me as one of those phony “I eat soooo much” celebrities. Sarah Jessica was recently interviewed by Kelly Ripa (I DVR a lot of shows but watch selectively) and Kelly joked about SJP’s eating. Kelly even remarked “she not only eats carbohydrates but asks for seconds” and then Sarah muttered something under her breath but I heard it, she said “well it’s starting to catch up with me.” I don’t mean this in a terrible way but as a fan of justice for all YES!
I know you may be reading this at 25 and 40-something seems a long way away but in one way or another eating crappy food and thumbing your nose at healthy anything has its price. If the grass, or in this case food is “greener” on your side of the fence and you’re annoyed by that don’t be. Your arteries, perhaps your children and your clothes when you’re over 40 will thank you. 
Who is the person in your life who eats whatever they want seemingly unscathed? Are you envious? Have you seen Our America or other shows on OWN? Do you care that it’s starting to catch up with Sarah Jessica?


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