This morning I was emailing with a writer about nutrients and foods for healthy hair.

My pet peeve with nutrition articles (not the one I’m contributing to of course) is if they lead readers to believe adding 1 random food will produce a major effect. When I’m devising plans for Foodtrainees, if we’re looking to say boost omega 3’s I’ll suggest multiple sources. So if you’re like me with meh hair after a harsh winter (for me it’s likely just as much bleach as winter). Here’s the answer.
HH Salad (Hair salad sounds nasty)
Brussels Sprouts (great if you can buy shredded, Trader Joes has) if not slice thin for salad base.
Red or yellow bell pepper
Hard boiled omega 3 eggs or salmon or both
Pumpkin Seeds
Walnut Oil
Apple Vinegar
  • Brussels sprouts and peppers are high in Vitamin C that boosts collagen that surrounds hair and keeps it strong.
  • Eggs and salmon are high in biotin. Biotin creases hair growth and overall scalp health. They’re also good sources of omega 3’s  the natural oils that keep your scalp and hair hydrated. The walnut oil is another omega 3 source.
  • Pumpkin seeds have zinc, which regulates hormones in the body that affect hair growth and helps maintain production of oil-secreting glands on the scalp that help your hair grow.
  • Eggs and Brussels also have iron. There’s a connection between iron levels and hair loss among women.
What do you do to keep your hair healthy? Do you notice a difference between your diet and hair health?


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