Rose Hibiscus Glow


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Our favorite beverage of summer is hibiscus tea. Rose Hibiscus Glow is caffeine free and has a fruity, tart taste. We make a batch in this bottle.

Here are 5 of hibiscus’s perks:

  • It’s a debloater
  • It may help prevent UTIs
  • It’s rich in polyphenols, making it good anti-inflammatory and good for cardiovascular health
  • It’s good for your liver
  • The combination of hibiscus and licorice root (there’s no licorice taste) make this a good tea for those with hot flashes or night sweats in perimenopause

How to Enjoy: Steep tea in 1 cup of 98° water for 4-6 minutes. Delicious iced or cold-brewed with a squeeze of lime.

Ingredients: Hibiscus*, Rosehips*, Orange Peel*, Lemongrass*, Licorice Root*, Rose Petals* (*Organic)


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