I realize she’s not a “company” but some find this humor offensive
For some reason, I’ve encountered multiple accounts of sobriety lately. My friend Aidan Donnelley hosted Elizabeth Vargas for one of her “Happier Hour” book events. Elizabeth’s book tells her story about anxiety and alcoholism. Aidan has written about and been fairly public with her sobriety as well. I also read Love Warrior, Glendon Doyle Melton’s memoir. And most recently, a friend turned me on to the Home podcast, specifically an episode about eating and addiction. The nutritionist interviewed tells her story about her issues with alcohol. I think the topic of women and alcohol is an important one. I know, from years of counseling, that for many people alcohol may not be a major problem but it’s not a non-issue either. A lot of clients worry about their drinking, being open and having conversations privately or publicly is vital.

I come to the table from a slightly different vantage point. I like a cocktail. I like making cocktails, I like sharing cocktails with friends and here and there I like a drink after a busy, stressful day. While I often joke about being a Tulanian, my relationship with alcohol is a healthy one. Except for special occasions, I tend to have one drink and could easily go a stretch without a drink depending on my social schedule. I am only describing my habits to present an example of drinking that’s not damaging.

A popular wellness website recently posted a lighthearted quote about wine. I was taken aback by some negative commentary. Some called it irresponsible, others felt it promoted drinking. It’s tricky. I’ve expressed disappointment with celebrities who endorse soda. And if you struggle with food addiction- the barrage of unhealthy food ads can be triggering. While I empathize with anyone struggling with addiction, I don’t think we can expect the world to see things through our lens. Depending on the person, a post or quote about coffee, alcohol or cake will be interpreted differently.

Alcohol isn’t healthy.  I’d love the resveratrol research to turn wine into a health food, it isn’t going to. If you don’t drink, there is no reason to start; however, many of our Foodtrainers’ clients do drink. For some, I suggest cutting back (for starters single digits for drinks for men, less than 7 for women per week). Others want to know the “best” drinks to choose or how to mitigate some of the side effects of alcohol. More often than not, clients are relieved to see that we drink and eat pizza. I’d sort out if drinking is an issue for you. If you’re spending time thinking about that, you probably have your answer. If you’re looking for help cleaning up your food or alcohol act, our Whipping Week sign up started today We’re 2/3 full so grab your spot if you want one.

Curious what you think, should wellness brands “support” drinking?


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