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In our world (which I realize can be different from the regular world) medicinal mushrooms are all the rage.  And no, despite the fact that both Carolyn and I are Tulane alums, we’re not talking about those shrooms.  Medicinal mushrooms have various health benefits, and in the shroom sector Four Sigma is pretty much the best you can get. A few months ago, Carolyn and I received our mushroom indoctrination via Four Sigma.

The top four shrooms you should know about are Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps. All of these are food for the immune system and autoimmune conditions. It’s interesting that many medications are derived from fungi. We’ve been so shroom-centric that we’re sharing our favorite mushroom with you today.
What I like about cordyceps is that it gives you energy but not jittery energy. It’s what’s called an adaptogen. Cordyceps helps your body produce more energy. Research shows it improves athletic performance and decreases fatigue during exercise (even among new exercisers). I’m always cautious to mention this but shrooms do  have anti-cancer properties, cordyceps inhibits cell proliferation (mostly animal studies). And cordyceps is great for those recovering from surgery or a prolonged illness.
This shroom also improves mental energy, memory and learning. It helps your natural stress response. And it has an anti depressive effect assisting with winter blahs.
After about 7 days “using” cordyceps, blood sugar seems to improve. This mushroom works by reducing insulin secretion (more insulin secreted, more fat stored). For all these reasons, it’s no wonder cordyceps are prized in traditional Chinese medicine. 
If you’re thinking, who doesn’t need cordyceps? I’m with you. The problem? On their own these do not taste very good. So our favorite way to get cordyceps into our bodies is with cordyceps instant coffee. We have our regular, super-strength coffee in the AM; this is our after lunch coffee. Our Whipping Week participants are loving it.
Four Sigma also make low calorie hot chocolate packets with various mushrooms.
If you’re shroom-curious we have a box of Four Sigma coffee, a box of shroom cocoa and a pretty wooden cup (also from Four Sigma) to giveaway to one of our readers.
To enter:
Please comment below and tweet out “Shroom coffee? Yup @Foodtrainers has a @foursigmafoods #giveaway on the blog https://foodtrainers.blogspot.com/2016/01/shroom-coffee-and-four-sigma-giveaway.html “
You have until 1/24.

Have you heard of medicinal mushrooms? Have you tried them? Does it sound weird (my husband refused “coffee with mushrooms” but he dislikes mushrooms)? Which benefit of cordyceps appeals to you most?


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