Yesterday, I had that skin cancer procedure. For me, it was a huge relief to have that behind me but I’m not selfish enough to think that other things weren’t happening in the world. For example, while I was lamenting the band-aid on my face others were celebrating National Tequila Day. I’m sure I’ve made fun of National Donut Day or National Hot Dog Day but Tequila Day? Ole’.
I’m sorry to be a day late with this crucial cocktail information but trust me it’s ok to margarita anytime…especially when they’re healthy margaritas. You know me too well to think I’m going to tout “skinny” drinks but we looked high and low and found something better.  Enter Sinless Margaritas.

Sinless is all-natural and sugar free. It’s 5 calories per serving and sweetened with stevia. If you have margaritas once in a blue moon and want to use simple syrup…ok but if you like to margarita as much as I do (and I do) these are the way to go. They are in the refrigerated section (or available online) because they use real lime and real lemons. And if you want proof that some people have great jobs Zach, one of the Sinless owners, told us “my wife Cat still makes and tastes every batch in our Atlanta headquarters.” Zach- you let us know when Cat calls in sick, we’re here to help taste test.
Sinless makes your life easy. You mix 2 parts of their mix with 1 part tequila. I had healthy skin on my mind yesterday and concocted this Sea Buckthorn (thank you to the reader who corrected my spelling of buckthorn) Sinless Margarita. I’ve mentioned sea buckthorn before as a key ingredient for healthy skin and hair; it also has a tart taste making it perfect with a limey margarita.
Sea Buckthorn Margarita
1.5 ounces Sinless Margarita Mix
1oz Sibu 100% Sea Buckthorn (or in NYC Juice Generation makes Sea Buckthorn shots)
Stir to combine and serve over ice
These margaritas come in just over 100 calories.
Zach and Cat didn’t want you to feel left out and so they’re giving away a bottle of their regular and a bottle of their strawberry margarita mix to one lucky reader.
To be eligible:
  1. Comment below telling us about the best margarita you’ve ever had OR why you want to try Sinless AND
  2. Tweet @Foodtrainers has a @sinlesscocktail #giveaway today.

You have until next Thursday 8/1 to enter.
One of these and band-aid, schmand aid. Cheers! 


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