In our July Monthly Morsels newsletter we revealed the truth about Pinkberry, reported our favorite supermarket ice creams and also discussed smoothies. We promised a follow up blog most with our “smoothest hits” and here they are. These are a little unusual you can always stick to fruit, protein powder, ice and water.

Giadaesque Smoothie– I watched Giada make a basil smoothie on her show that sounded, as many of her recipes do, delicious. It need, as many of her recipes do, some healthy tweaks.
Ingredients: 5-7 fresh basil leaves torn, lemon zest, 1 scoop vanilla Organic Whey protein powder, ½ frozen banana, additional ice, dash of agave nectar, ice water to desired thickness start with ¼ cup can add more.

Peppermint Potion– There is a restaurant called Peacefood Café not far from where I live. They have amazing smoothies and juices and used to have a chocolate mint smoothie. They took it off the menu so I had to create my own. Ingredients: Nutiva Chocolate Hemp protein (or other chocolate protein), ½ avocado (you will not taste it), a few fresh mint leaves, few drops of mint extract (I prefer Frontier brand), tsp unsweetened cocoa, ½ cup ice, dash agave and ice water to desired thickness.

Bikini Blend– Perhaps you eat well, that’s good but sometimes well isn’t enough. When a bathing suit or beach vacation looms we often want to kick into a higher gear . This smoothie will help with bloat and anything that’s unwanted yet hanging around…Ingredients: Socal detox powder (1-2tsp), 1 cup frozen watermelon and peaches, thin slice peeled fresh ginger, tsp aloe vera juice, dash agave, additional ice and ½ cup plain coconut water.

Energy Express– One of the things I like about smoothies is the ability to combine so many healthful ingredients in a 1 or 2 cup drink. Try this smoothie for a little boost in the morning. Ingredients: Teras Whey Protein, maca , coromega packet, pineapple, 1 cup pre-washed baby spinach, 1 cup ice, green tea to desired thickness.
What is your favorite smoothie? Any ideas you’re excited to try from the suggestions above?


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