So we get through Thanksgiving and our reward? Black Friday, cyber Monday and the frenzy with everyone looking buy, buy, buy. If you’re in NYC you have the added bonus of a month of gridlock. Sorry if I’m sounding a little grinchy, I actually love the holidays, it’s all the added stuff that makes me happy to be fleeing the city weekly starting Friday.

If you’re exasperated by the holiday hoopla, today’s post is for you. No really, it’s all for you. On Monday we put together our Foodtrainers’ Favorite Gifts/Guide. Today, some of our favorites wanted to spread the joy and have giveaways waiting for you. We followed suit with our newest Foodtrainers creation.

Full confession, I first learned of Catherine McCord and Weelicious from the Goop newsletter. Though McCord’s recipes include the “wee” set, they make adults really happy. Her Sweet Broiled Salmon has made our regular dinner rotation.  If you’re looking to spice up your menus, we have one Weelicious book for a hungry reader.
Holidays are hectic, as you shop, attend parties or travel this month (and in general) I’ll remind you of the importance of a purse snack. While nuts are one of the most nutritious foods, they’re also very easy to overdo. Enter, our Foodtrainers’ Nutcase.

On the back we’ll make sure you know the snacking parameters. I’m starting to feel like Oprah, if only…but we’re giving away a nutcase too.

I don’t know about you but the issue of where to stash things while running or heading to a workout class is quite perplexing. I remember my grandmother enjoying her natural “breast pocket” with a tissue always appearing from odd places. That’s not for me, especially not with sweat involved. Enter Sprigs wrist wallets. Your money, credit card and even phone will have a dry place to stay. One wrist wallet for a reader AND as if that’s not exciting enough use code FoodTrainers20 10% off of orders up to $29.99 or 20% off of orders above that amount and is valid until 11:59 PM EDT, 12/31/12. Did I mention the ear bags? If you’re anti-hat check those out too

And finally, not saying any of you with need this but DRAMapothecary has a highly effective (not that we would know)”hair of the dog” hangover tonic. This blend of herbs “cures the ailments caused by overindulgence of a good time.” I’d grab one of every hostess, college student and fun friend on your list. DRAM

Tis’ the season and DRAM knows it, how about 5 bottles to give away?

We can’t make the holidays less hectic but we’re here to make them happier.

What is on your wish list? Which of these items makes you most excited? Rank these gifts in the order you like them. 
You have until Monday, Dec 3rd to let your Foodtrainers’ elves know.

More holiday fun next Thursday, check back.


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