I suggested Food Should Taste Good to a client with a chip habit. I told her about my 2 love children. First there was  “Lime” and later  “Cheddar”.  My client showed up at her next nutrition session visibly annoyed.   She sat down and unloaded “so I’m wondering why you didn’t tell me about The Works, this is the best Food Should Taste Good flavor and you didn’t’ mention it. Did you think I couldn’t be trusted with them?” I tried to diffuse her anger and told her I hadn’t tried The Works. They were a new flavor and I would never intentionally withhold crucial snack information. My client calmed down and the session ended nicely.
A few days later I was with my family in Vermont at the local Shaws market. I was going up and down the aisles explaining to my kids why we couldn’t buy the junky items they requested. Finally, I spotted Food Should Taste Good chips and staring me in the face was “the Works”. We opened the bag right there in aisle 4 and they didn’t disappoint. It was as though an everything bagel had been transformed into a snack food. We all loved them. My 8 year old said ” Mom you have to buy these again.” I emailed  my client to tell her about my 3rd child.
What are your favorite snacks? Your favorite Food Should Taste Good flavor? And if you were a bagel what type would you be?


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