Psychology of the Candy Bowl

unrealistic that the hand appears to be taking a singular candy For years. I have seen entries like this on client’s food journals “2 mini Reese’s” or “4 Starbursts”.  I know full well the source of this candy and it’s not the vending machine or a...

Don’t Let Weekend Eating Weigh You Down

When you think about variables that affect our weight, what comes to mind? Portion size? Exercise? Hydration? What about day of the week? At Foodtrainers, my clients keep food journals. Items considered a treat are circled. It’s not uncommon to see weekdays that are...

Happy Meals

One of my multiple New Years’ Resolutions was to read more for pleasure. Around the time I made this resolution a friend invited me to join a book club; I enthusiastically accepted. Our first month’s selection, The Help, was a great starting point. I found myself...


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