RAW (what we read, ate, watched), 2/18/19

We’re mid-long-weekend, and here is what we’re up to. (celery margarita at the Slaytons) Lauren: Read: The NY Times article on plastics – important and also tough to do / hello 10 plastic containers from family sushi delivery. I also read the 40-ish...

Kids’ Cravings

This is a guest post from Juli Novotny, founder of Kookie Karma (yum) and  the PUREmamas blog. What started as a “baby blog” for curious friends and family members transformed into PUREmamas with the intention of giving new moms, pregnant women and...

Organic Apology

Perhaps in reading this post you’re seeking a credible nutrition professional to dispense dietetic advice. After all, I have a couple of nutrition degrees, maintain my continuing education and have a reputable practice now into its ninth year. While that’s all very...


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