What we read, watched, ate (this weekend 12/8/18)

Good Morning! Hopefully, you received our Foodtrainers’ Gift Guide. If you didn’t, you really should check it out. We’ve got CBD gumdrops, gorgeous healthy “Reeses” like chocolate and the tastiest tea. Sure, you can snag gifts for others but don’t forget to gift...

Does Fast Food Have to be Fat Food?

I love to cook and get a true thrill out of menu planning but there are times when I’m delayed or simply lazy. On our weekly treks to Vermont, I pack snacks and sometimes choose to starve my family versus stopping at the gross and “golden arches” but...

Would you Like a Side of Kale With That?

On more than one occasion, my husband and I have found ourselves watching a show that airs on ABC Friday nights called “What Would You Do?” Using actors, actresses and hidden cameras the show sets up certain scenes: someone banging another person’s car or a woman...


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