Should I brag more?

Today is Day 1 of our pre-summer Squeeze week. Every day of the Squeeze participants receive a tip of the day. Today’s tip focused on affirmations. We asked everyone to complete the sentence I am __________. Our parameters were that it should be something positive but...

Is this sabotaging your weight loss?

sometimes yes, sometimes noI’ve spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours uttering phrases like, “stop beating yourself up” or “don’t be so hard on yourself.” And, chances are, I’ll happily spend thousands more. Not only...

The Secret Ingredient for Weight Loss

You have a big presentation to give for work. You have prepared well but are a little anxious about how it will go. You picked out an outfit to wear and feel pretty good after all you’ve been working out and eating well, you’re trying. The morning of your presentation...


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