I’m totally fine but had a medical procedure last week and I can’t exercise blah blah. I don’t need an ounce of sympathy because, let’s face it, a few lazy days are a gift worth having surgery for. Since I was reading, Netflixing and resting up the wazoo, I thought I’d share some of my discoveries:
I had heard “you’d love the series Chef’s Table” for some time but I don’t always trust other people telling me what I’ll love. I should because the first two episodes were phenomenal. Even though episode two focused on Dan Barber (Blue Hill chef/ingredient master), I liked episode one even more.
I started reading Shonda Rime’s Year of Yes. I’m probably the only person who hasn’t watched an episode of Gray’s Anatomy or Scandal but I was still interested.
A quote I’d read of Shonda’s, where she contested the notion of balance, stuck with me. She said if she’s doing something important for work then she’s usually missing something with her children. Yup. I’m halfway through and loving her writing. Her year of yes also resulted in inadvertent weight loss. When I finish the book I’ll let you know if I think this is possible.
I finally watched Fed Up. I’d recommend watching this before Thanksgiving. It’s a great reminder why and just how bad sugar and processed foods are. And not to pat myself on the back but cereal and soda are also censured (see the “no” list in Little Book of Thin). Unfortunately you also see the power of the food companies and how even Michelle Obama wasn’t willing (or able) to stand up to them.
Wait, there’s more. The Times magazine had a great article on Dave Asprey (Bulletproof founder), I sort of idolize (and relate to) his “biohacking”

And these two documentaries aren’t food-related per say but I was inspired.
Meru is the story of three climbers; I’d watch this over Everest. It’s a story of friendship and persistence; my whole family loved it. And please check out Brave Heart, the Lizzie Velasquez story. I had seen Lizzie’s Ted talk but the backstory is remarkable.
And how can I forget? I Smile Back is based on a book by my friend Amy Koppelman. It’s a story of motherhood and addiction and nothing is sugar coated. If you’ve had it with Facebook (“we’re so perfect”) lives, watch this. Sarah Silverman is fantastic. 
Happy Thanksgiving and a happy birthday to Carolyn tomorrow (3-0 finally).
Did you watch or read anything this weekend you’d suggest? Have you seen any of these? Let me know what you think.


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