Earlier this week we sent out our “This Chocolate is MoreImportant Thank Your Valentine” (yup) newsletter.  We highlighted all our chocolate loves from on-the-go oatmeal with cacao (chocolate for breakfast) to our newest Nutella-sque crush Rawmio. Today, we’re giving away a jar of these 8-calorie heart-shaped beauties that just happen to contain 10 billion probiotics per piece ($30 value). 
The question no longer is “how can probiotics help me” but is there anything probiotics cannot do?
  • If you’re sniffling as you read this, probiotics for your immune system.
  • If you’re “blocked up” yup, something’s off kilter in your GI system
  • Winter blues? I mean can anyone escape them this year? The gut is the second brain. Yup there’s a serotonin factory in there (or not depending)
  • There are weight benefits too; I’ll avoid the fecal transplant dets. since this is allegedly a Valentiney post.
  • If you’re nodding along to ALL OF THE ABOVE? I hear you, you need these hearts.
Enter by following these three simple steps
  1.  Comment below and tell me if you’ve boarded the probiotic love train yet and what probiotic foods you eat. OR, your favorite chocolate (healthy or not).
  2. Like Foodtrainers on Facebook (we don’t show our FB page as much love) 
  3. Tweet @Foodtrainers is giving away @WCOrganics probiotic chocolate hearts  #probiotic #iheartprobiotics #probioticgiveaway or #givemeprobioitcs. 
You  have until Valentine’s Day to enter. 


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