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We feel you. Whether you picked (ok packed in) pie or mainlined wine, chances are you aren’t feeling your awesome-est today. Black Friday….more like Bloat Friday. Luckily, all of our de-puffing products below are 20% off today with the code BLOATFRIDAY.

Limit Leftovers

Let’s say you had marshmallowy sweet potato pie yesterday. It was a holiday, that’s ok. Today is not a holiday. Keep your leftover lovin’ to turkey and unadorned veggies.

Drink Your Daycap

We love morning rituals. What you do first thing sets the tone for the day. Our numero uno post-fiesta product is Anima Mundi green, dandelion action. Have a straight up tablespoon of this “green dream” and chase it with a glass of water.

If you are out of Anima Mundi, ¼ lemon squeezed in water or 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar in water will do for now.

Midday Matcha

Green tea is for lightweights (something we’re not today). Matcha packs more of a metabolism punch.

These matcha singles should be stashed everywhere. If you’re in a matcha free zone, get some green tea, brew it strong and down the hatch it goes. Then, make sure you close the hatch.

Pop Your Probiotics

Sugar and flour make your flora sad. If you’ve lived this long not caring about that intestinal flora, we’ll point out it’s like a control tower for your body. If mood, cravings, digestion or immunity mean anything to you, take these probiotics every day. They’ll undo some of that sugar damage.

Foodtrainers Fave Fieldtrips

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If you need to feel better fast and are in NYC, perhaps a KryoLife cryotherapy session or a HigherDose infrared sauna will help.

And please know, we are incredibly thankful for you.
Lest you think we’re getting sappy… If you didn’t get bloated and cranky there would be no use for us.


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