On my most organized days, I blend a smoothie while making the kids breakfast and pour it in a jar to take to work. Though clients complain about a lack of time in the morning, I find the actual scrambling of an egg or tossing veggies in the juicer doesn’t take all that long. Having said that, I generally have eggs boiled in advance  (click for instructions) and a couple Organic Avenue concoctions for really rushed days. My clients want quick and usually shy away from meals requiring extensive clean up at 7am.

In our house, the microwave should be called the defroster. The only items that end up inside it come from the freezer (chili, pancakes I made and froze, peas for kids’ pasta). Oh and yes, at times popcorn (not in the nasty bags) is popped in there too. I have been intrigued by the recent egg ads suggesting the microwave for scrambled eggs.  I tried this with a little Greek yogurt in place of the milk called for. I then tested it with a little Parmesan cheese.
I was also intrigued by The Kitchn’s suggestion to poach an egg in the microwave. I followed suggestions to poke the yolk so it didn’t explode and to add a little water and vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar). Changing the power level is beyond the scope of my microwaving abilities but it didn’t matter after 60 seconds I had a poached egg, my first poached egg I might say. I liked this even better than the scrambling method as I love a good runny yolk. Remove the egg from the mug with a spoon and transfer to plate.  I enjoyed my egg over leftover sautéed mushrooms. Any cooked vegetables or even salad greens would work. Since I’m not generally a poacher I would add this method to my morning routine
After a few tries:
Poached Eggs a la Microwave
Fill a mug to 1/3 full with water. Add a dash of vinegar. Crack an egg into the mug. Poke the yolk gently with a fork (or toothpick). Place cup in microwave, cover with a plate to avoid a really bad clean up job. Microwave 60 seconds or continue in 20-second intervals until set. Remove egg from vinegar water and spoon into plate. Viola.
 I’ve found something to cook in that microwave and my smoothies have some competition.
Have you tried the mico-egg thing? What do you use the microwave for? Any microphobes out there? What are your time-saving breakfast tips?Try this and let me know what you think.
*If you think this post could use a few pictures, let me just say GO GIANTS!*


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