That black stuff? Not for the next 5 days,   read on for grapefruit info.

Fruit is healthy and of course nutritious but sometimes it’s difficult to get people excited over fruit. Carolyn and I were asked to speak about fruit at a breakfast at for Edible Arrangements at Sarabeth’s restaurant. Edible Arrangements has new items called their “grab and go collection” at their stores nationwide. I hear clients complain about buying fruit only to watch it rot; so anything that removes a mental barrier deserves a vote in my book. Here were some of our fruity ideas.

What’s in it for me?
You’re not alone; most of us are selfish.  And fruit is no exception. I talked recently about pineapple as a mood food and that the core may boost fertility. What about prickly pears helping with elevated blood sugar? Or grapefruit is one of the top fruits a research proven health glow (thanks Jess)? Yup, it’s one of the best edible “beauty tools” (see recipe below).
Be Your Own Sous Chef
You are not going to take a whole cantaloupe to the office. The day you food shop (which according to the Manhattan Diet is every day for New Yorkers) cut your fruit and put it in single-serve glass containers and slice up limes or lemons for water or teas. There are days my children are standing at the door waiting in the morning and others where they aren’t cooperating. Let your fruit “stand by the door and cooperate”. If fruit calls your name when you open the fridge it’s much better than the cheese.
We Do Judge a Fruit By its Cover
Presentation matters so be your own “fruit” stylist. Even if you don’t have arrangement making skills, skewer, make melon balls or use pretty containers. I love ceramic berry containers from Roost.  Include lobster forks in containers for eating fruit on the go.

Go, Go, Go
Thanks to Dr Oz and Oprah, we know nutritionists aren’t the only ones fixated on bowel movements. It’s important to everyone. Berries, kiwi, pears and avocados are your pooping personal assistants.
Fun Fruitensils
I mentioned the melon baller but how about a grapefruit knife or pineapple corer? Nothing like a new gadget to get you “in the mood”.
8 Glasses Isn’t Easy
While I don’t suggest reaching your water goal via fruit alone, watermelon, cucumbers (yes a fruit), oranges and apricots are water-packed fruits.
Doctor (your) Fruit
Trying to tame a sweet tooth? Hooked on Skinny Cows and trying to convince yourself they’re healthy? Make your own applesauce or baked apples, freeze banana slices (or try Yonanas), warm frozen wild blueberries (close your eyes and it’s berry pie) or our favorite broil grapefruit

  • Preheat Broiler
  • Halve a grapefruit and cut inside the perimeter separating the grapefruit from the peel
  • Sprinkle with Coconut Palm Sugar (use approx 1 teaspoon) or brown sugar.
  • I like to sprinkle with ground ginger but cinnamon or cardamom works too. 
  • Place halves in baking dish or on cookie sheet close to broiler
  • Broil 5 min until edge browns a little and sugar caramelizes.
And then try to tell me fruit isn’t exciting.
Are you “fruitless” or fruitful? Why do you eat fruit? Any suggestions for making fruit exciting? 


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