Today kicks off the second session of our Pre-Summer Squeeze program. As I was reviewing our participant’s information forms, I scrolled through Instagram. One of my favorite healthy sites posted a quote with commentary “your body is perfect just the way it is.” And I thought, no it isn’t. That doesn’t mean my days are filled with self loathing or that I don’t appreciate that my body will take me on a run after I write this. It just means I can relate to our Squeezers saying they feel “ready to make changes” or “not on my game” or even “bloated”. My issue with this “your body is perfect” messaging is that, for me, it does the opposite of what I believe the intention is. It makes me feel I have to defend the desire to tweak things. And along with ditching a few items for the Squeeze, I look forward to feeling accomplished, focused and more confident along with my Squeezers. 
For some Monday Inspo
Did you catch Sheryl Sandberg’s commencement address to UC Berkely?
It’s worth a watch; I especially liked “not everything that happens to you is about you.” 
We don’t have to personalize everything and blame ourselves.

 And as only Amy Schumer can do, here’s a clip of her poking fun at sizing and the whole shopping experience.
Cheers to Monday! Have you had your Fire Cider yet?

What do you think of “your body is perfect” type messaging? Any other commencement addresses you enjoyed?


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