On Sunday, I was watching OWN (Oprah’s network) but not Super Soul Sunday (my fave), this time I was watching Where Are They Now. Oprah was interviewing George Hamilton…you remember him super tan, dapper, dated Elizabeth Taylor?At one point in the interview they showed footage of George’s closet.  My heart tends to skip a beat when things are lined up and organized perfectly but there was something else. George had multiples of the items that work. At seventy-something he knows he likes denim shirts when he’s dressing casually and white dress shirts on other days.  This reminded me of my gingerade kombuchas in the fridge or my son’s chia pods.

The next day I spotted this article on Facebook. It’s about men from Steve Jobs to President Obama and this same concept of wearing the same thing every day.  Obama said:
I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.
Granted-when it comes to clothes men can certainly get away with more of a uniform concept but I am intrigued about the food or diet equivalent of all this. While we don’t want to eat the same exact food each day, there is an ease to a certain degree of repetition. After all “what should I eat?” when we’re stressed or tired isn’t going to turn out as well as the person who automatically goes to the salad bar at lunch.  I know, after years of counseling, that for every person who loves rituals and repetition there is another person who would be bored to tears dressing or eating similarly.
I say use rituals as anchors. Maybe you eat the same one or two breakfasts or have green tea every day. Perhaps you get to work and always fill a water pitcher.  Oftentimes one positive step can lead to others and over time you don’t even think about it.
Are you a creature of habit with your diet or your wardrobe? Do you prefer repetition or variety? Why is George Hamilton so damn tan?


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