I just finished the glass of water in front of me. While that may not sound like a big deal, it’s unusual. I took a spin class this morning, had a green smoothie for breakfast and just had a kale salad “no croutons” for lunch. I mention these healthy checklist items only to show you I practice what I preach suggest. That is, except when it comes to water. This spring we launched our Foodstalking program. Anytime there is anything new at Foodtrainers we all test-drive it. So, Joanna stalked me daily. Each night I emailed over my food, exercise, supplements and water intake for the day. It became clear and I was not hitting the 80 ounces I suggest. And I wasn’t even close.
Yes, I like green juices and green tea and coconut water and COFFEE but when it comes to water, I suck. Or I should say I sucked because all it took was my stalker challenging me to improve my hydration and I did. Instead of taking my vitamins with a sip of water, I finished the whole cup. I brought my Bkr and Lifefactory bottles with me to workout and didn’t allow myself to check email or anything else until I finished them. I rediscovered my decades dormant chugging skills and took great pleasure using my fitbit app to track my water intake (you fill a person up with water, it’s very gratifying).
We soon discovered Carolyn was also lacking in the water department so we declared it “hydration nation” at Foodtrainers. I know it sounds dramatic but afternoon energy dips were history, workouts improved and appetites decreased. We are people who would score pretty well on a wellness exam and yet getting one piece of the puzzle in order made a huge difference.
And I expanded hydration nation overseas. I was just in Italy for my mother’s birthday. I had aloe water on my way to the airport, water or tea every time it was offered (I lost count) on our overnight flight and once there made sure I adhered to our one for one rule. That is I had one glass of either “frizzante” or “naturale” water for each glass of prosecco. If you’ve met my mother you know that means I hydrated well.
Are you at 80 ounces of water a day? What tricks do you use to encourage yourself to drink? Are you “frizzante” or “naturale”?
And if you want to be stalked email info@foodtrainers.net.


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