It’s strategic when clients schedule appointments with me on Mondays. A Monday check in means that weekend socializing and food fun will be curbed slightly, at least that’s the intention. I was watching Chelsea Handler’s show last week and she shared she was having a skinny day because it was Wednesday. She explained it takes a couple days to recover post-weekend. Surprisingly a study concluded that women look their worst and oldest on Wednesdays versus any other day of the week, 3:30pm Wednesday if you really want to know.
Women are keyed into having a “time of the month” but I had never stopped to think that our body image and perhaps weight fluctuates throughout the week.  Statistically many things vary according to the day of the week. You’re more likely to die on a Monday and more likely to drink on Saturday though that drinking isn’t likely related to the possibility of a Monday death.
Weekdays for me are fairly organized and predictable. Weekday workouts aren’t affected by the boys’ sports or birthday parties. There’s also little restaurant eating. So I would say Friday is the day I feel most confident. On the other end of the spectrum I’m not a Monday girl. For other people, more free time on the weekend may mean food shopping or cooking or workouts they don’t have time for during the week. Once we pinpoint our patterns we can then try to change the worst day and modify the habits that play into this. 
If you’re wondering what’s in store for you today, I should tell you that Thursday is typically the best day for sex…just saying.
What day of the week do you feel your best? When do you feel the most rested? Are you old-looking on Wednesdays or skinny like Chelsea?


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