Following my poke’ post on Monday, a friend texted me the following question:

I read your post on lunch. Can I ask a professional question?  What do you recommend to overcome stress eating when only a bagel will do??
I’m sharing my response as I think many people feel entangled with bagel:
OK, step one is to methadone yourself with better carbs.
Try sprouted bagels or Free Bread gluten free toast
Step two is to vegify. When we’re on the carb coaster salad isn’t appealing. 
Have greens or a green vegetable with lunch and eat it first pre-bread.
Have better carbs and greens for a week.

Thanks!  I’m on the hunt for these to make my own East Pole/Le Pain Quotidien avocado toast. 
Send me pictures (proof).
I will!!  Love it. 

Can you relate to my friend’s question? What do you do to cut carb cravings? 
If you try this you can send me photos too.


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