This blog was a big part of what prompted me to write a book and here I am focused on getting LBT out there neglecting my blog, what does that make me? I’ll be back to regular posting soon but one of my favorite things about blogging is when I come across something that compels me to post. These items never make it into my “blog topics” file. This morning I was doing my social media browsing and a friend posted the cover of my book “The Little Book of Thin” and mentioned she had enjoyed it so much she re-read it-nice. This friend is thin and beautiful as many of my clients and readers are. It was two comments below her post made me pause and I’ll try to paraphrase as my intention isn’t to call anyone out (directly).
The first basically said, “wait a minute- you’re already thin”.  I think this is interesting and brings up the question of why we read diet or nutrition books. To this commenter I would say feeling good isn’t just about size. It never feels good to come home at the end of the day and order in because you haven’t food shopped, it doesn’t feel good when you’re bloated or knowing you have foods and ingredients you’re regularly eating that are probably harming way more than your weight.
And the second comment stated that the poster was perfect as is ok I’m going to quote “For what it is worth, you are beautiful inside and out. Just the way you are.” This type of statement isn’t as straightforward as it seems. It’s one thing to point out someone looks great, a compliment is always welcome. The message here is you don’t need to do anything and it strikes me as a little judgy. If I read a novel and post that I enjoyed it are you going to tell me “you don’t need to read that you’re smart already”. No, there’s the sense that learning has its merit. So why then is it wrong to read and learn about nutrition? It isn’t but I just had to say so.
What do you think about these two comments? Is reading about food and nutrition all about weight? And even if it is, anything wrong with wanting to drop a couple pounds even if you appear thin? And “perfect just the way you are” is that purely nice or a little more involved?”


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