People often ask what my food philosophy is. Sometimes I answer with “staying organized and planning”. The subtitle to LBT (Little Book of Thin) reads “plan-it to lose it” as I feel that’s more than half the battle when it comes to healthy eating. But another important piece of Foodtraining is finding the best version of foods. While we love our green juice and turmeric, we’re not sitting around our offices subsisting on it. We’re just as likely to be sampling spaghetti squash concoctions, taste testing the latest health cookie or deciding which flavor coconut chips are the winner. In our newsletter this month we answer the pressing carb-centric questions…what do you do when you’re craving pasta or pizza or in todays case pancakes?
There are a lot of things you can do to doctor pancakes. You can add chia or pumpkin puree. You can also experiment with different flours such as quinoa or almond or you can just open up FlapJacked protein pancakes, they’ve done the work for you. I know, when I first heard “protein pancake” I was skeptical but we did our healthy homework and FlapJacked passed with flying colors (or in this case no colors, better when it comes to food). Jennifer and David Bacon (best last name ever for pancake people) wanted a pancake mix that was satiating and made with quality ingredients. Their mixes use coconut flour, oat flour, whey protein and buttermilk. There’s no artificial anything and each serving has just 200 calories and an impressive 17 grams of protein. I’ve been using the Buttermilk variety but there are flavors too.
Drizzle finished pancakes with organic coconut oil or 100% maple syrup Grade B.
FlapJacked wants you to try their pancakes. They have a sampler pack (apple cinnamon or banana hazelnut anyone?) to giveaway to 1 lucky breakfast-loving reader.
And tweet “Healthy pancakes anyone? Foodtrainers has @proteinpancakes for you”
Are you a pancake person? What do you do to add flavor or make them healthier? What’s the one carby food you wish was better for you?


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