Theoretically, Thanksgiving is this beautiful holiday full of feasting and togetherness. Inevitably, it ends up feeling like a little too much of everything. We’ve assembled our Thanksgiving Survival Kit with a “secret weapon” for every issue you will encounter. Plus, with every kit you’ll receive our Thanksgiving Treaty to help you map out your slim strategy.
So, make sure you order our fully stuffed Survival Kit before stuffing yourself.

Issue: Weird timing

WTF should I eat if Thanksgiving “dinner” is at 3pm?
Solution: have a nutcase (so apropos on a family holiday) filled with Life’s Nuts an hour before mealtime.

Issue: Pushy, nosey relatives

There’s always one, right? The one who asks when you’re going to get married or have a baby or why you’re not having pie? Grrr.
Solution: Break out your CBD, superfood dark chocolate. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of marijuana. It can relax and destress you, without making you stoned (for better or worse) or giving you the munchies.

Issue: Unbuttoning

Overeating happens (a little less often for our clients) and heavy holiday food doesn’t leave you feeling so hot. When you start to think “why oh why did I do this to myself?”…
Solution: take a swig of our favorite debloating tonic from Anima Mundi.  Or put it in a shot glass for a festive touch. L’chaim.

Issue: Vacation Constipation (V.C)

Nothing is worse than eating a lot and not “going” (or maybe it’s tied with pushy relatives and sleeping in your childhood bed).
Solution: Natural Calm Travel packs- they’ll help you get to sleep, chill out, and takes care of V.C.

Your Survival Kit’s Contents

Your kit will include our Food First Aid Kit zip pouch filled with:

  • 1 Foodtrainers’ nutcase tin
  • 1 pack of Life’s Nuts
  • 1 CBD superfood chocolate bar
  • 1 bottle of Anima Mundi debloating tonic
  • 1 travel pack of Natural Calm
  • Our ‘Thanksgiving Treaty’, we have all clients sign

These kits are a limited supply so order today (and grab one for a friend or hostess for free shipping). And show us your healthy Thanksgiving meals. Send a plate pic to us on insta @Foodtrainers using the hashtag #FTplatepic. One lucky person will receive a free debloating tonic post-Thanksgiving.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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