Hurricane Harvey is hitting our friends in the south hard, and as Lauren and I know from going to school in New Orleans, hurricanes do not just mean “hurrication” (hurricane vacation- what they were called pre-Katrina). In fact I heard that almost a quarter million people are already without power and there is serious price gauging with bottled water – with people charging up to $99 for a case!
So this morning I went in to chat about natural disasters + food safety with Fox and Friends (Lauren had plenty of “blechs” but just getting the info out). Whether you’re in Hurricane Harvey’s path or in case you get stuck inside during a future hurrican or blizzard, here’s what you need to know:
• Refrigerated food is technically fine during a power outage for up to 4 hours, could be more. The KEY is to keep the fridge door closed. No going in and out for water (or wine!).
• When in doubt, throw it out – and also, don’t taste it to test it. If something smells or looks off, toss it. A little food waste is better than a lot of food poisoning. 
• Stock up here’s our Storm Shopping List (best to have some of these items in house before storm forecasts when supplies can be limited)

             lots of bottled water or seltzer
             gluten free bread
             oatmeal cups such as vigilant eats, if need be can just add hot water
             natural almond or peanut butter
             jarred (or if need be canned) tuna
             pistachios (you’ll have time on your hands)
             (dark chocolate and limes for tequila optional)

• oh and one last great tip c/o Lauren: don’t eat all the food+snacks+drinks just to prevent them from going bad. No need for Hurricane Weight Gain
Stay safe our southern friends!! 


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