At a time when things feel bleak, taking care of yourself, and having a degree of success is still important.If quarantine were a few days or even a few weeks, we could all get away with indulgent eating. Even as certain states start to lift restrictions, most of us will be living the quarantine life, for quite some time.

Whether you’ve been keeping it fairly healthy from the get-go or feel now’s the time, here are 5 easy tweaks to get to started or keep you going.

If housework is your only exercise…

Start small. We like 100 minutes per week as an initial exercise goal. It’s enough to make you feel accomplished but not too daunting.Walk, dance, bike, or do some strength training. We’re also fans of push up or plank challenges. Foodtrainers’ clients have been enjoying the Peloton app (there’s a 90-day free trial during quarantine), Obè fitness, Melissa Wood and Isaac Boots.

If you’re eating like your children…

Whether you have little ones or grown children, chances are you’re not accustomed to eating all meals together. You want to be careful you’re not middle-aged eating like a toddler or teen. An easy rule is to keep carbs (obvious carbs such as grains and potatoes) to once a day.

If you’re drinking more wine than water…

Set up a system. We like the “one liter by lunch” rule. Fill up a large pitcher, water bottle or tumbler, so you have a visual. Your goal is to have 4 cups of non-caffeinated, not alcoholic, fluid by midday.The larger the bottle or cup, the more you tend to drink.

If you’re standing in the kitchen eating handfuls of snacks…

We covered a lot of snacking pitfalls in last week’s newsletter but a great way to organize your eating or snacking is to do a “pre-snacktual agreement”.Instead of having a cookie, a handful of nuts, chips & cheese, pick just 2 snacks to have throughout the week. We’re fans of writing them down on Sunday or Monday and then sticking to just those for the entire week.

If you haven’t taken vitamins since this started…

There are a few supplements – Vitamin DProbiotic, and NAC, that we feel are crucial for both immunity and weight. We aren’t shipping our Foodtrainers’ supplements at the moment but can send you a link to order reputable brands from our distributor, as they are still shipping.

Start small – set one or two goals for the week and go from there.

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Have a good week, stay safe!


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