I was in with a longtime client yesterday. As we were outlining her plan, she asked, “I’ve been coming here for years, do I need to know why I eat/take things- can’t I just trust you?” The truth is, if you are seeing a doctor, nutritionist, acupuncturist etc., you need to trust their advice. BUT I also think it’s important to know the rationale behind anything you’re ingesting. It’s less because of potential risk, although that’s important to assess, and more about your compliance.

If you associate Vitamin D with preventing or improving winter blues, you are far more likely to take it. Or, instead of knowing that omega 3 foods are healthy (and they are), how about the fact that they help lower cortisol levels, which rise when you’re stressed. Oftentimes, new clients bring a boatload of supplements and superfoods in, in order to get my opinion. When I ask, “why did you start taking this?”, they don’t know.

I love this piece about the chef at Atla and Cosme (if you haven’t been, put those on your list). She explained that every day she wakes up and asks herself how she feels, what she needs for that day. It’s not so much that you have to switch your eating and supplements daily but that your intake should reflect your goals or issues.

As you go through your day, first identify your current topics you’d like to address. Are you constipated? Not sleeping well? Try to clean up your act after the holidays? All of the above? OK, be sure your intake takes that into account. And, if you’re confused come in for a session to sort it all out.



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