Yesterday, a client* was recapping her week for me. We’ll call this client A.D., A.D mentioned that she’d been out to dinner more, since the weather has warmed up. A couple nights ago she was at a restaurant with her husband and another couple. A.D. skipped the bread, had fish for her entrée and stuck to 1 drink. So, there were multiple “victories” as we call them at Foodtrainers. The meal went according to plan.
After dinner (A.D refers to after dinner) was where things went off track. When A.D. arrived home, she felt she deserved a treat for her diligent choices at dinner. So, she opened the fridge. Do I even need to finish this story? If you can relate to this, I don’t. Once A.D. was scavenging in the refrigerator, it wasn’t going to end well.
Since most of us will be out a little more over the summer/summer is social, some advice:
Skip the fridge and pantry when you get home. If you need to, you can get a glass of water or make a cup of tea. But it’s best to avoid the kitchen entirely, when you come home from being out.
If you want to be seriously strategic, take a page out of hotel handbooks and give yourself “turn down service” prior to going out. Place a carafe, if you own a carafe, of water and cup on your nightstand. If you need to, add a single square of dark chocolate or a few Natural Calm gummies (you can also put calm powder in your water). Next, brush your teeth and know the “KIC”, kitchen is closed. As I discussed with A.D., the treat or reward for making good choices is waking up feeling lean and accomplished.
Do you munch when you get home from dinner or being out? What do you find helpful?
*Clients are anonymous, of course, but these lessons are universal


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