The world is fucked up. I’m not talking politics. Last night, we had dinner at Catch, here in LA. We’re traveling with 2 teens so some of the hip and cool scene-y places we’ve been to are not what Marc and I would choose on our own. Anyway, the entrance to this rooftop restaurant is filled with floor to ceiling flowers, begging to be instagrammed. As I rounded a corner, someone holding an iPhone was cueing a friend, “do that twist move” she said. Five of us were walking down the hall and the 2 women were undeterred, seemingly unembarrassed. I was embarrassed on their behalf. Is that LA? Or just the world we live in?

I should out myself. I tell my teen to stop looking at himself in his phone and yet I was spray tanned and my hair was “smoothed” before we left on the trip. So I’m vain too, though I like to think I have limits.

So, you’d think I’d love this reality movement. You know you show pimples or roots, cellulite or love handles in an effort to counter this polished, filtered, edited phoniness. But I have to call bullshit on that too (so curse-y today, not sure why). On Instagram, I saw a post from Shape magazine (see above).  They were applauding a company for showing stretch marks on a model, in an ad campaign. Most women, myself included, have stretch marks. And I love openness about imperfections. However, isn’t a company purposefully keeping stretchmarks, to benefit from the realness, as manipulative as a company health-washing an unhealthy product as “gluten free”, in an effort to cash in on trends?

And when it comes to social media posts and not ads, is it all that shocking to see the #Iwokeupthisway posts? We all wake up looking…like we just woke up, do we need to point this out?

As I said, at the start of this post it’s messed up. If you pose and filter and edit endlessly that’s not a healthy way to live. However, it seems sort of attention or at least validation-seeking to expect credit for your lack of makeup or cropping. Maybe I’m being cynical. Maybe LA is pushing my buttons. I’m curious what you think.


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