There is certain dietary advice that pertains to everyone. But we can be sexist when it comes to nutrition as there are foods I recommend specifically to men due to their anatomy (wink) and health risks. So tell the men in your life to eat these “dude foods”.
Watermelon contains lots of lycopene, which is important of prostate health. There is also an amino acid in watermelon that helps with exercise recovery and post-exercise soreness. And if that’s not enough? There’s an amino acid in watermelon that’s known as nature’s Viagra (may be a little awkward to tell your dad about that).

I feel shellfish gets ignored when it comes to nutrition. Clams have impressive potassium, which helps keep blood pressure under control. They’re also rich in B vitamins to control cholesterol.
Try using bone broth (we love the Nona Lim Thai curry and lime broth) for clam cooking.
And fried clams don’t count.
If forced to pick, I’d choose spinach over kale. Spinach is a great source of magnesium and over three quarters of men are magnesium deficient. Studies show when mag (we have nicknames for our minerals) is low, levels of C-reactive protein are higher. C-reactive protein is a marker for heart disease and inflammation. Maybe get dad drinking green juice?
Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc. Zinc is important for testosterone production, sperm health and immunity. Our bodies don’t store zinc so it’s important to get enough via diet.
Saw Palmetto
I think men over 50 (or all men depending on their family history) should take this supplement for prostate health and there’s some encouraging info about saw palmetto and male pattern baldness. Some studies show it leads to hair regrowth.
And if you’re in need of a Father’s Day gift? A little flavor and metabolism booster for dad? Or, you can always give the gift of Foodtraining…send your father, husband, grandpa our way.

Happy Father’s day (and summer solstice) too all.


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