Fun fact, Lauren and I met over Twitter! Non-religious Lent (don’t worry, I’ll explain) is technically our “anniversary”. I dug out our first interaction.


I neglected to mention I missed the yoga class. By the time I went back down and back up again, I was too late.  But magically, it led to meeting Lauren. Needless to say, it was the most worthwhile hike up the stairs & missed yoga class in the history of the world!

OK so what is non-religious Lent (NRL)? Early on at Foodtrainers, Lauren realized her clients would staunchly adhere to anything they gave up for Lent. She didn’t want her non-Catholic clients to miss out on an opportunity for you to nix or change a habit. And she liked the idea herself, so enter NRL. (and enter: ME)

It can feel really good, regardless of your religion, to give something up for a few weeks. As former New Orleans residents & Tulanians, we’re fans of fun. And then at some point, the fun is done. Traditionally people give up the things they’ve overdone over Mardi Gras (booze, sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine…). But as Lauren taught me with that first tweet, you can think outside the box with this. Here are 5 fresh ideas for you, we would love to hear what you’re giving up too.

  1. Eating after 8. The earlier you eat, the better you feel. Close the kitchen by 8 and you’ll sleep better, and wake up feeling more energized.
  2. No bites, picks or eating AKA unplanned is banned Nix the handful of kid’s food, the “just one taste”, the office candy bowl… Write down what you plan to eat each day and include one planned snack (have you met our jica chips or chocolate covered goji berries yet?). Stock up with healthy ones from our shop.
  3. Postmates, Seamless, Caviar/Ordering In: If you’re an order in kinda person, and you really want to go big, cut the ordering apps (seamless, grub hub, postmate etc) Homemade days or weeks are, without a doubt, the most successful for Foodtrainers’ clients. If you really need to eat out, make yourself walk to the restaurant and pick it up.
  4. Chewing gum: If you read LBT, you know we’re not fans. Gum is bad for your microbiome & full of artificial junk, if that doesn’t convince you, gum makes you gassy. Treat yourself to beautiful PURITY tea or Turmeric Wellness Tea as a meal cap, instead of that stick or pack of gum.
  5. ELEVATORS! An oldie but goodie, and one that’s obviously close to my heart. Non-exercise movement matters. Activity during the day can make a huge impact on your health and weight. So, if you’re an elevator person, commit to a floor (I like lucky #7)… you’ll see your elevator friends again in 40 days, and maybe make ‘stair friends’ or at least have a stair-story. And while you’re at it, you better Tweet us about it. 😉

OK and a bonus one for you: Clean Sleep: Sleep with your phone away from your bed, ideally out of the bedroom. Yes there is the radiation concern and most importantly, you wont be checking it right before you go to sleep.

BTW, we thought we came up with this, but some say this secular lent is anti what lent should be; that it’s supposed to be a difficult time. We say, says who?

So what are you giving up for #NRL with us?


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