There are the vitamin addicts, if you have a shelf or more of supplements, that’s you. And then there are the dont-take-ums. If a client takes dozens of supplements, we’ll usually streamline things. But if you’re not taking anything, you probably should rethink it. Eating well may be enough to prevent a vitamin deficiency but it’s not enough for optimal health. In this week’s newsletter and podcast we’re breaking down this complicated topic.

We’ve created a starter pack The Foodtrainers Foursome. These are four supplements mostly everyone should take. As we explain on the podcast, if you are taking medications (especially blood thinners) you might want to check with your doctor. Otherwise: our Double D’s (higher dose vitamin D than we previously suggested), Chill Pills (magnesium, stress depletes it and your metabolism needs it), a potent probiotic (some cultures have an impact on your cravings and weight) as well as an omega 3 (even if you eat fish). We think this is far superior to taking a multi, we’re not fans of multivitamins.

On the podcast we also discuss what we take each day and the vitamin habits that work best for us.

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