In today’s podcast we’re talking all things male. We do our fare share talking about PMS and such, so it’s the guys turn to take center stage. It’s not only that men tend to lose weight faster (they do) but also that we seek out experts differently and we physiologically differ when it comes to cravings. Brain scans reveal differences, based on gender, when shown visuals of favorite foods. And yes, women showed more of a response.

So, metabolically and neurologically men can have an easier time with weight control. And pardon our stereotyping, there are undoubtedly exceptions. Men can have different goals, than our female clients. Men often choose building muscle, sexual vitality and hair health among their most important goals. On the podcast, we explain our advice for each of these topics and the foods and supplements we recommend.

So please give this episode a listen. You can forward this blog to the guys in your life. And if we can ask for 1 more thing please subscribe and rate us 5 stars. Cheers!



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