How to Travel Without Gaining Weight

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We love a success story, who doesn’t? We also love to travel. Recently, Lauren had a session with a client just returning from 10 days in Italy.

Lauren: “So how was it?”
Jetsetting client (JC): “I definitely didn’t deny myself, I mean I wasn’t going to Italy and not skipping risotto”.
Lauren: “Well how do you feel?”
JC: “That’s the funny thing, I feel great. I wore a dress on vacation that I hadn’t worn in years.”

Well we are going to spill our travel secrets, because in addition to carbs and bellinis, there were several things she did while away to come home unscathed.

Skip Airline Offerings

Anthony Bourdain doesn’t eat on planes (even when the ride is 20 hours long). He doesn’t do this for weight loss, he just will not eat that food.  It doesn’t matter if it’s business class, first class, or if it “looks great”. There’s nothing good about airplane eating. Save indulgences for your trip.

BYO Flight Food

You’re not eating plane food, but we don’t expect you to go hungry. We always suggest BYO Pre-Plane or plane meal. A hearty salad with protein or a sandwich on KNOW bread (JC’s meal) work well.

Then, have your Food First Aid Kit packed. Travel with a Natural Calm packet and probiotic on board, and your Foodtrainers nutcase filled with Sunbiotic seeds for the munchies.

Prioritize a Protein Breakfast

There’s plenty of time to play when traveling. Start your day on track. Having a higher protein breakfast helps you reign it on later in the day.

Of course eggs and yogurt do the trick. We’re Vital Protein collagen fanatics and mix these singles into coffee, tea or yogurt during hotel breakfasts.

Track Your Food

Food journaling isn’t sexy. Maybe we need a new term. Our clients have our Foodtrainers’ Food Log. However, you can keep a running log as a note in your phone or email yourself your food for the day. Many of our clients do our Foodstalking program while away. It’s not a matter of dieting on vacation, it’s a matter of keeping a handle on things.

Select Your Secret Weapons

Timing can be a toughie with travel. Dinners may be late, there’s jet lag and inconsistent mealtimes.

We suggest 1 snack per day away. JC brought jerky, this RX bar, and our newest stocked treat, Rickaroons, for when she wanted something sweet. Vitamin D is also important for appetite and jet lag.

Portioning Pasta

Our client wasn’t eating boatloads of pasta, there’s no way she’d come home feeling as well as she did.

She kept her carbs (pizza, pasta, risotto) to once a day and kept portions in check.

Back on the (Healthy) Horse

Don’t try Italian-style eating at home. Our portions are hardly petite and our wheat is very different. It’s important to resume your home habits the minute you get home. Want to know a secret?

This client said “I almost missed my routine”.

Let us help you with your summer routine; get set up with a Foodtraining session or week of Foodstalking today. 


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