Nutrition counseling

We view every person’s eating as a puzzle. Often, many of the healthy pieces are in place, but we need to tweak or switch around others in order to solve that puzzle.

Foodtraining plans are personalized based on your food preferences, daily routine and goals. Whether you’ve tried it all diet-wise and find that nothing has provided lasting results, have a big event coming up, or just need a fresh start, we’ve got you covered.

If your goals are more specific: prenatal nutrition or nutrition counseling for a specific medical condition, we still work in the same manner. In your initial session we’ll determine which “pieces” are holding you back. Follow ups generally occur every 7-10 days for our new Foodtrainees; accountability is key.


Our e-nutrition program

Whether you’re new to Foodtrainers or an existing client, our Foodstalking program can take your eating from decent to awesome. This type of stalking is mutual (and online), you email us a report at the end of the day and the next morning we’ll offer friendly feedback and a daily challenge.

The Foodstalking commitment is one week though you can do any number of weeks. We promise to keep this to e-stalking, no showing up at your door with kale.


Talks, sponsorship, writing, and more

We work with all types of corporate clients from large firms to small start-ups. If you think your company is in desperate need of Foodtraining services, contact us or have the person who contacts others contact us.

We offer lectures (single lunch and learns or monthly series), 1-on-1 deskside “speed” sessions and pantry makeovers. We’re happy to create a customized program to suit your office’s needs.



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