Our clients don’t leave sessions with a boatload of vitamins. Instead, we pick and choose the supplements that we feel are necessary for that person. This year, we made the leap to private label on some of our Foodtrainers’ faves. There are our Chill Pills (for mood and metabolism), our No. 2 Pills(that’s self-explanatory) and now, our Everything Pills.
Our Everything Pills are NAC-based. NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) is an antioxidant and a precursor to glutathione, which is referred to as the mother of all detoxifiers. We’re glutathione-obsessed but oral glutathione isn’t well absorbed… enter NAC
They are good for… EVERYTHING. 
Here’s what NAC can do for you:

Improves weight: A study in the Journal of Molecular Medicine reported that NAC aids in fat burning and weight loss. It demonstrated a 5% reduction in body fat in eight weeks, without changes in dietary habits. Another study, this time on rodents, concluded low glutathione levels inhibit our ability to break down fat. Supplementing with NAC increased the ability to break down fat, even in older mice (yay for older mice).

Lowers mercury: NAC can help chelate (bind to) heavy metals. It’s one of the most effective oral chelators. If you have elevated lead or mercury levels, or live in any city with lots of environmental toxins (cough cough, NYC & LA), consider NAC supplementation. We also like this for elevated mercury.

Acts as a pre-tox for your liver: by improving glutathione levels, NAC helps your liver protect itself from alcohol, autoimmune inflammation and viral infections. NAC also reduces hangover symptoms if consumed on the nights you drink.

Benefits for compulsive behaviors: NAC shows promise in improving addictive and compulsive behaviors, from eyelash & hair pulling to binge eatingto cannabis, nicotine & cocaine addictions.

Decreases PCOS symptoms: NAC may benefit those with PCOS. Multiple studies have compared NAC head to head with the medication Metformin. NAC has been shown to be as effective (we are NOT saying you should discontinue meds) for reducing BMI, fasting insulin, hirsutism and free testosterone.

Improves mood and brain health: NAC has been shown to decrease depression symptoms. Research is also showing patients with Parkinson’s may benefit from NAC supplementation via its effect on the dopamine system. It’s also used post-brain injury, including for concussions.

In Europe, NAC is even used for the common cold. There are applications for lung health and fertility too… So now you can see why we call it our EVERYTHING pill.

*Always check with your doctor, as NAC and many other supplements can interact with medications. NAC is contraindicated during chemotherapy and it can interact with blood pressure medications.


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