This morning we sent our Valentine’s day Monthly Morsels newsletter. We discussed a bunch of ways to show yourself some love. If you aren’t signed up for our newsletter (what?), you can do so at

We also included the recipe for our LL Smoothie.

Here’s what you need:
1/2 tbsp MUD/WTR
1 packet Vital Proteins collagen
1/4 tsp ILA cinnamon
½-1 pack of Pitaya Plus (found in the freezer section)
1/2 green banana
optional tsp pomegranate arils
1/2 cup Milkadamia
5-7 drops NuStevia
1 tbsp Hemp Hearts
1 tbsp Coyo Yogurt

What to do: Blend, sip, LOVE!

This love/libido Valentine’s day smoothie has carefully choses ingredients.

Hemp seeds- hemp seeds are a good source of zinc (sorry no THC though that can affect sex drive too). Zinc boosts libido in both men and women. It’s one of the reasons oysters have an aphrodisiac reputation but seeds word better in smoothies than shellfish. If you don’t have hemp seeds- try pumpkin or sesame seeds. Try to have a seed a day, for libido purposes.

The MUDWTR listed is an adaptogenic powder. Adaptogens may seem buzzy lately but they’ve been used for centuries. Adaptogens help your body adapt to stress. There are a ton of herbs in this category. Two of my favorites are rhodiola and ashwaganda. These are so many others: maca, ho shou wu, ginseng and others with equally odd-sounding names that can boost libido.

There’s also a strong gut health/libido connection and both collagen and the coconut yogurt are good for your gut.

And finally, though this is sweet and pretty, it’s really not too sweet. Sugar wreaks havoc with your libido, so aside from a little dark chocolate (magnesium! also good for libido), you want to limit it, whenever possible. Most ingredients available at Shop Foodtrainers.

Happy Valentines Day, we love you our readers!



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