I have lowbrow TV taste. I eat quality food, drink tippy top-shelf spirits and read good books, not War and Peace but still. However, TV is my junk food. I watch the Bachelor, Housewives and Dateline. And as of this weekend, I have a new show I’m into, Stripped. Stripped, on Bravo, is built around this trend of downsizing or  “de-thinging” ourselves, not in that way! The premise is that a couple gives up everything, including their appliances and all furniture. Think of it as anti-hoarding. I love this concept but they also, initially, give up their clothes and that, on television even with the strategic stripes on your privates, would be a deal breaker for me. They have running water, toilet paper and “food rations” or astronaut food packets, ew.

Each day, both member of the couple  gets to add back one item. In the first episode, they added back a blanket and bed after a chilly, naked night. Next came onesies, very creative as I was thinking t-shirt for first clothing choice. This couple postponed getting their dog or real food back for too long for me to support their choices. But it got me thinking, what would I add back? My first 5 days would look something like this, I’m assuming I would not be working.

*Note that they have the bathtub or that would be one of my choices.


I think I’d go sleeping bag day one. My theory is, it could double as “clothing”.  I could possibly go 24 hours without caffeine. You have to figure it’s a pretty boring day, maybe sleeping a little would help to pass the time? I’m positive that Marc would pick Bronco, I would share the sleeping bag for him to “wear” for dog walks. Dogs get to keep all their things. Bronco eats food from Farmer’s Dog. It’s real food but not sure I could eat it without some way to heat it up

Day 2

Coffee and I’m sure Marc would go along with coffee maker as his pick.

Day 3

Dog, coffee, as tempting as clothing would be, I’m going food day 3.  Knowing myself, a disruption in my nutrition might be the most upsetting. Eggs seem the most versatile and a pan to cook them in. I thought about doing something more treat-like but sweets would nauseate me after a while. Plus, I’m going to apply stomach virus logic. If I’m going to be uncomfortable, I may as well lose a few pounds. I was shocked the couple didn’t mention this at all.

Day 4

Coconut oil, I’ll explain. Via oil pulling I could “brush teeth”, I could put it in our coffee and get some moisturizing and aromatherapy. I’m proud of this pick.

Day 5

I’ll copy the couple on the show and do a onesie.

And so, my priorities seem to be warmth, dog (not sure where the kids are at in this scenario), caffeine, nutrition, hygiene and clothing. That’s theoretically what I’d choose although being housebound sounds so miserable perhaps clothing would go further up on the list. It’s interesting to think about what you’d miss most. I think we all realize we have too much stuff but it’s difficult, aside from a TV show to be full force minimalists, although the concept is very appealing.

Your turn, what would your first five days look like? I you more hoarder or purge?







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