Carolyn and I were brought together by Lent. I noticed that nothing helped clients adhere to a rule like they did during Lent. Truthfully, having not grown up with Lent, or even really knowing what it was, I was jealous of their resolve. And so Foodtrainers’ Nonreligious Lent (NRL) became a thing. Clients, of all different faiths, latched onto the challenge. In 2011, Carolyn read the NRL post I link to, from Twitter. After Carolyn tweeted about giving  up elevators. and getting locked out of yoga many flights up, I knew we’d be friends. One thing led to another and here we are.

Lent starts today and runs through April 18th.

This year, Carolyn is giving up social media over 30 min a day (she set her social media alarm).

And I am giving up after dinner eating. I live in a house where my boys have two to three dinners and stay up late. Whether I’m slicing up fruit or reheating food for them (and yes they are cabable of doing these things themselves- maybe they’ll give up me for lent), I’m going to stick to tea or my CBD.

Please join in, here is our post from last year with some ideas.


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