We receive a ton of food product samples. As we suggest to clients, we first look at the ingredients. If there are artificial dyes or artificial sweeteners, soy, too much sugar or other shady things listed, we’re giving it to the doormen (is this mean to give them our rejects?). After scanning the ingredients, next comes portion size. This is where I have issues, even with companies we support.

Earlier this week, we received Halloween goodies from Hu Kitchen. And we love Hu. But the label, for the chocolate “Hunks” says serving size “40g” (see blurry, lame photo above).  I don’t know about you but grams are pretty useless to me. Am I supposed to stash my food scale in my bag? We calculated that if there are 190 calories per serving, and 4.25 servings per bag, there were 807.5 calories per bag. This required a calculator. And then we were left with knowing we wanted to eat about a quarter of the bag max. Pour the bag out and see what 1/4 looks like? That didn’t happen.

I prefer a serving size in number of pieces, for example 10 hunks. We’ve heard some companies say, not all pieces are equal in size. So, at the very least give it to me in cups, which I can eyeball to some degree. I feel, when grams are used, it’s a little sneaky. Are they thinking “if we list it in grams, nobody will know what it really is?”

Today, we received a press release for a healthy cookie. I forwarded it along to Grace. She emails back, “serving size is ½ a cookie.” We had a good laugh. There are about 5 out of 100 people who would stop at half a cookie. And if you’re one of those 5 people, what to do with the other half? I know there was a push for food labels to reflect realistic portions. Would that be 2 cookies? A bag of cookies? As long as grams aren’t listed, I’m ok.


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