It’s February and we couldn’t be happier. January is our marathon of a month at Foodtrainers. This was the first weekend in a while we weren’t working. And as much as we love what we do, it was sooooo nice. OK, what we read, ate and watched this Super Bowl weekend.


What I read: I read a book called Maid. It was about a single mother, fighting poverty, working minimum wage as a house cleaner to support herself. The book received some buzz but I’m not really sure why. I would’ve put it down, if not for my Goodreads 2019 goal. What the book did do was confirm how grateful many of us should be to be able to grocery shop fairly freely and have people in our lives to depend on. The snoop in me hoped for a little more info and interest in the homes the author spends her days in.
In terms of reading I enjoyed, this Times article on author of the Artist’s Way was interesting.

What I made/ate: I made nachos, for the Super bowl. I used Siete grain-free chips. I topped them with jalapenos, scallions and Organic Valley shredded Mexican cheese blend. I baked them for less than 5 min at 450 degrees. You can use the microwave but I avoid it, whenever I can. Once the cheese melts, pull out of the oven and top with avocado and chopped cilantro. This could be an after-school snack as. Well.

What I watched: I watched the creepy Netflix series on Ted Bundy. In lighter viewing, I also checked out Susan Cain’s introvert/extrovert Ted talk


What I read: The Rules of Magic, it’s a quick read, cute if you like Harry Potter-esque witchy love stories. And I picked up Hannah Bronfman’s Do What Feels Good, it has some original recipes.

What I ate: We were both having nacho moments. I made sweet potato nachos, loaded them up with leftover roasted veggies (brussels sprouts and onions) and topped with organic cheese, cilantro, avo & tomato. so good we ate them before the super bowl started.

What I watched: football commercials- is organic Michelob something we need… especially with whispering?

And I got reiki-ed from my friend Kingsley Delacato and best had the best night of sleep I can remember.

OK tell us, what did you read, eat or watch that we should know about?


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