You talk to 10 nutritionists, you’re going to hear 10 recommendations for vegetable eating and water drinking (hopefully). But once you move beyond your basics, we like to use, what we call “secret weapons.” On today’s podcast we explain why you might want to use apple cider vinegar, oil of oregano or cinnamon, to name a few.  We also explain how much or when to take these and our personal secret weapons of choice.

We go to great lengths to find the most delicious, effective and well-sourced ingredients. But we also think it’s kind of fun to experiment. You had a few to many drinks? There’s dandelion and NAC. A little “backed up” use some MCT or our No 2 pills (magnesium oxide). By no means should you take every “weapon” we suggest. Rather, sort out your personal areas in need of improvement and go from there. And as we say in the podcast, be patient. While some of thee foods are quicker fixes (green tea for energy), some take a while to be effective (CBD).

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