My inbox was buzzing with Starbucks news. Starbucks, it seems, launched blended plant-based, protein, coffee drinks. I have yet to try these drinks, for reasons enumerated below, but I hear they are a blend of coffee, rice and pea proteins and nut milk. One flavor will have almond butter and almond milk, the other cacao and coconut milk. They say these drinks are in response to their customers.

I’m frustrated (so what’s new). Starbucks customers must be requesting non-dairy options. I get that and upon first glance this seems to be a decent way of providing for these customers. However, when I did my requisite delving something smelled fishy. I read these drinks have “no refined sugar” and that’s when my bullshit meter went off. Lest you think these are unsweetened Starbucks uses a “date, banana blend”. See where I’m going? I’ll spell it out, who gives a shit if these are free of white sugar, they have 22 to 26 grams of sugar in them. That is 5.5 and 6.5 teaspoonfulls of sugar in your coffee, in your plant-based coffee.

Perhaps you can order these without the date mixture. This doesn’t get you out of the woods as the milks are likely sweetened too.The coconut milk Starbucks initially offered wasn’t even really coconut milk, Carolyn blogged about it at the time. You’re better off making what we call Boss Coffee or Boffee. Take coffee, collagen protein (or “plant-based” protein, dislike that term), MCT oil, cinnamon, turmeric, bee pollen and blend. Check back with me when you’re still going hours later.



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