There’s a lot to love about summer; trust us, we are expert summer-ers (and we don’t mean “summer” in that snooty way). Less work, more play, sunshine, indulging, and traveling all have their place. However, if you’re anything like our clients, all this awesomeness eventually weighs you down. One summed it up saying, “if you squeeze me hard enough, tequila would come out”. Speaking of squeezing (how’d you like that segue?), our one-week September Squeeze program  will help you reboot, refocus and shed that rosé, ice cream, or whatever else is officially uninvited to hang out with you (or on you) for fall.

The September Squeeze

For seven days you will check in with daily and be “Foodstalked”. As always, we have brand new secret weapons to help your sleep, skin and fat burning. In one week, you’ll feel healthier, happier (it feels good to take care of yourself), and in the driver’s seat for fall.


  • Week 1: September 12th (with Lauren)
  • Week 2: September 19th (with Carolyn)

Or both weeks.

Spots are limited so sign up here ASAP or Email us at with any questions.

Foodtrainers’ Summer Favorites:

Before we say sayonara summer, here are Foodtrainers’ Favorites from last few months.

What Lauren’s lovin’:
  1. Easy gluten free travel. I had the best gluten free bread (maybe best meal) at De Kas in Amsterdam, and even found a gluten lobster roll in Maine. It never hurts to ask…
  2. Grilled avocado: this seemed to pop up all over this summer and I get why.
  3. Togarahsi and Tajin: I love these chili powder blends. Togarashi (Japanese) has ginger and sesame. Tajin (Mexican) is chili and lime based.
  4. Josh Rosebrook moisturizer with SPF for face. I’m fairly obsessed with skincare, this has a great texture and approved ingredients. *Teaser- one of our Squeeze products is a new healthy skin fave of mine.
  5. Flat whites: Carolyn and I had to go to Bar Harbor to taste coffee made “the Aussie way” . It’s espresso and cream, no foam. We may need an Australia trip to compare.
Carolyn’s can’t-live-withouts:
  1. Plants and greenery: after keeping a pup alive for a year (yay) I decided to try my hands at plants; it’s transformed my little apartment into a jungle oasis. They are the best air purifiers out there. Next step, garden?
  2. The poké craze: it’s all about poké and my favorite is Wisefish salmon bowl over zoodles.
  3. Medi Club: if you think you want to dip a toe into meditation, these once a month meet-ups make meditation cool and social, with fantastic speakers and musicians (and matchabar/sweetgreen bites don’t hurt).
  4. Moab Under Canvas: One of my best trips of the summer was to Moab with Yogascapes and staying in a cozy tee pee under the stars made it next level. ‘Under Canvas’  is in all national parks and is ultimate “glamping” (NYTimes agrees).
  5. Organic Wild Blueberries: wild blueberries are totally different than traditional blueberries in both nutritional benefits and flavor. We loved raking the wild blueberry barrens in Maine. For more on wild blueberries this week, stay tuned to our blog.
For more info on Foodtrainers favorites, check our Foodtrainers blog and make sure you’re stocked (or stalked, for that matter) for any summer travel. Enjoy the rest of summer!


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