Wedding Guest Nutrition Tips

It’s almost officially summer and that means tis wedding season. Every day at the office, I see a couple/few clients who will be attending weekend weddings. And so, we devise a plan. Here are 5 tips to help avoid wedding weight and  leave you feeling great. Make room...

Beating PMS Eating (Sorry Guys)

New female clients often ask “how much weight should I expect to lose?” My conservative estimate is one to two pounds a week or three to six pounds a month. Huh (I can see them thinking), “shouldn’t that be four to eight pounds if you’re losing one to two a...

Bye Bye Bloat

The 4 C’s  One of the most common words used by clients in by office is “bloated.” Nobody likes to feel bloated, especially during beach and bathing suit season.  I spoke to Tanya Rivera, of GMA Health, about the bloating basics and thought Monday,...


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