It’s almost officially summer and that means tis wedding season. Every day at the office, I see a couple/few clients who will be attending weekend weddings. And so, we devise a plan. Here are 5 tips to help avoid wedding weight and  leave you feeling great.

  1. Make room for booze
    Weddings are celebratory and, as a guest, potentially awkward. I don’t know about you but both         celebrating and feeling awkward scream cocktail. If you know a festive weekend will involve more drinking that usual, you want to prepare. The week before have a “skip” night for any night you’ll have >1 drink. So, if you’re celebrating Friday and Saturday, have 2 nights sans booze, ahead of time. We prefer the notion of making changes beforehand versus correcting, after the fact.
  2. Wedding Weapons
    We love our secret weapons at Foodtrainers. For wedding weekends, I suggest our Liver Tincture in water to start the day. Starting Friday, have the liver tincture in a glass of water first thing, it’s a mild debloater and gives your liver some love. Pre-wedding have a nutcase of walnuts and a splash of our mini, travel apple cider vinegar in water. This will help you maintain control, it could be hours before are eating. And then post wedding have our Everything Pill, you’ll wake up feeling far better than you would otherwise.
  3. No Carby Hors
    A lot of dietary damage is done during “cocktail hour” which is now way more than an hour and a meal unto itself. We suggest a no carby hors d’oeuvre guideline. So, have shrimp cocktail or satays but skip dumplings, sushi and puffed pastry anything.
  4. 1 or 2 of 4 no more
    Our general restaurant rule is 1 of 4. Of bread, booze, dinner carbs and dessert- on a given night have no more than 1 of these 4. For special occasions, choose 2. So, if you want a drink and like a sweet, skip those carby hors (yes, I love saying that) and any entrée grains or potatoes. Make sense? It’s impossible to feel good with multiple drinks, bread, potatoes and cake. So, pick your pleasure.
  5. Eat these three things
    So, what should you eat/drink at the wedding? We always have a “yes” list. There’s only so much we can talk about (and you want to hear about) watching your carbs, booze and treats, right? Our wedding trifecta is water/green/ sea. Try to have a liter (4 cups) of water in the course of the wedding, at least 1 green or green vegetable and some sort of shellfish or fish.

My niece is getting married July 4th weekend. This is the kind of plan I’d use for myself. A game plan isn’t a buzzkill, it’s a avoid feeling stuffed and like you overdid it kill.

What do you do to keep it semi healthy at weddings? Any friends you feel might want our wedding tips? Please forward along (good nutrition karma).


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